Iran Khodro announced its readiness to export passenger cars and commercial vehicles to Turkmenistan
02 November
Iran Khodro announced its readiness to export passenger cars and commercial vehicles to Turkmenistan

The Director General of «Iran Khodro Industrial Group», the largest Iranian automobile manufacturer, announced about the readiness to export to the Turkmen market the bi-fuel (gasoline+gas) motor-cars.

According to the Iranian mass media, Farshad Mogimi, the Director General of «Iran Khodro» — the largest Iranian automobile manufacturing company, at the meeting in Tehran with the head of “Türkmenawtoulaglary” Agency (Turkmen Motor Transport Agency of Turkmenistan), taking into account the presence of this company in the Turkmen market, said: «Variety of production, as well as the manufacturing of the motor-cars and commercial vehicles allow to offer the production with further relevant post-sale service in Turkmenistan».

The head of the automobile manufacturing company emphasized the capacity and possibilities of the company, and said: «This company is able to cooperate with the Turkmen industrial companies in different fields, such as mining, oil and gas, petrochemical, engineering and others».

The Director General of “Iran Khodro Industrial Group” announced about his readiness to export buses to the Turkmen market and said: «If the obstacles are removed, the export will be possible in the shortest possible time».

Guvanchmyrat Akmammedov, a Chairman of the «Türkmenawtoulaglary» Agency, in his turn said: «With the regard to the quality and variety of production of Iran Khodro, the Turkmen market will welcome the presence of Iran Khodro’s production».

He added: «Considering the history of cooperation and the availability of Iran Khodro products in Turkmenistan, we are ready to increase the level of cooperation».

The Chairman of «Türkmenawtoulaglary» Agency said: “Production of Iran Khodro in the field of passenger and commercial transportation is of good quality, which indicates the progress and development of this company.

The head of «Türkmenawtoulaglary» Agency, citing the additions of the country's taxi fleet with the purchase of Dena cars, added: «Dena is considered a quality product by taxi drivers based on evaluations and comparisons. Hope this car will be used in the transport fleet of Turkmenistan in the near future”.

Akmammedov expressed the hope that with the expansion of cooperation and bilateral interaction, the existing obstacles to the contract for the sale of buses manufactured by Iran Khodro Diesel will be eliminated in the near future.

It is worth noting that the head of the Automobile Transport Agency of Turkmenistan and the accompanying delegation visited the production lines of products of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, including the bus Atros, pickup, Tara, Dena Plus, Soren Plus, Rana Plus with glass roof and Arisan and vans.

It should be recalled that "Iran Khodro" is one of the first of the Iranian car manufacturing companies that opened its official representative office "Iran Khodro - Ashgabat" and built a modern complex in Ashgabat, consisting of a Business Center building, a showroom for cars, an auto parts store, warehouses, repair shops. and technical maintenance of cars and others ... This company has delivered dozens of cars and buses to Turkmenistan last years.