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Wheat harvesting started in Turkmenistan
04 June
Wheat harvesting started in Turkmenistan

On June 4, a grain harvesting campaign was launched in our country. With the blessing of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the grain growers of the Akhal, Lebap and Mary velayats began kosovitsa, and on June 11, the farmers of the Balkan and Dashoguz velayats will join them.

As the leader of the nation noted at a working meeting on digital video communications held on June 2, in an era of power and happiness, Turkmenistan is implementing comprehensive measures to develop agriculture. The state creates all the conditions for the cultivation of a generous harvest of agricultural crops. Daykhan is fully provided with high-quality seeds, mineral fertilizers, means for controlling plant pests and weeds, modern technology and irrigation water.

As a result of the hard work of our grain growers, a rich harvest of wheat has been grown in the country's velayats this year. In connection with the approach of the harvest season, the main task of our hardworking farmers is to carry out the harvest harvest in the shortest possible time.

Harvesting wheat without losses and providing food to the population are a guarantee of strengthening food abundance, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed, wishing courageous farmers and all rural workers new labor success.

According to a good tradition, the venerable elders began the local harvest, offering up a prayer to the Almighty for the welfare and prosperity of the Motherland, the entire Turkmen people. After mowing the first ears of wheat with the words “Bismilla” and “Çäjiňe bereket!”, The aksakals handed over the symbolic sheaves to the combine operators.

This year, Turkmen grain growers from 690 thousand hectares allotted for winter crops will have to harvest 1 million 400 thousand tons of grain, including in the Akhal velayat - 400, Mary - 345, Lebap - 310, Dashoguz - 265 and Balkan - 80 thousand tons. The main part of agricultural land was sown with high-yielding wheat varieties, in particular, such as "Sakhrai", "Juvan", "Bereketli", "Yoloten-1", "Yoloten-3", "Turkmenbashi-1", "Goshant", " Miras "," Rovach "," Khasilli ", as well as" Vatan ".

In the country as a whole, 2 thousand 111 combine harvesters "Claas", "John Deere", "Case", "New Holland" will be involved in the harvest-2021. Working around the clock, in two shifts, this modern high-performance equipment will help farmers quickly and without loss to harvest a rich harvest.

It should also be noted that during the harvest season, hundreds of mobile repair and mechanical teams will serve grain growers around the clock, providing them with everything they need: fuel, fuels and lubricants, spare parts for equipment. At the field camps for machine operators, drivers and other workers participating in the mowing, proper living conditions have been created, performances by artists and mobile retail outlets will be organized.

The delivery of wheat to 156 receiving points, warehouses and elevators will be provided by about 11 thousand trucks allocated by various ministries and sectoral departments. Laboratories have also been prepared for the beginning of the harvest, where the specialists of the Main State Service "Türkmenstandartlary" will have to determine the quality of the incoming grain.

Timely payment with grain growers for the delivered crop will be carried out through the local branches of the State Commercial Bank "Daýhanbank".

On the occasion of the beginning of mowing, production seminars were held in the velayats with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, velayat and etrap khyakimliks, the Türkmenstandartlary Main State Service, the Türkmenhimiýa State Concern, heads of farmers' associations, experienced agronomists, machine operators, tenants venerable elders.

During the events, a wide range of issues of organized harvesting, precise and well-coordinated work of the grain harvesting conveyor were discussed. The participants expressed their sincere gratitude to the leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for the constant care of the village workers, the conditions created for a decent life and fruitful work of farmers who contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the Motherland.

As it was emphasized, thanks to the large-scale reforms carried out in agriculture at the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan, the most important sector of the national economy has now reached qualitatively new frontiers. Virgin lands are intensively developed in the country, effective measures are being taken to increase fertility, improve the reclamation state of farmland.

Significant funds are allocated for the technical re-equipment and modernization of the infrastructure of the agro-industrial complex, as well as service industries, including the construction of elevators, agro-processing enterprises, factories for the production of mineral fertilizers, and water facilities. Modern high-performance equipment, regularly purchased from the world's leading manufacturers, plays an important role in obtaining generous yields of Ak Bugdai.

State purchases of products, exemption of farmers from taxes, provision of maintenance services, seeds, mineral fertilizers, plant protection products to them on preferential terms - all these measures of financial and economic incentives for agricultural producers have the desired effect, contribute to their interest in the results of their work.

Head of State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov pays great attention to the rational use of land, water and other natural resources, environmental protection, the development of agricultural science, selection and seed production, the introduction of advanced technologies into production, and the training of qualified agricultural specialists.

In addition, large investment projects are being implemented as part of the implementation of the National Program of the President of Turkmenistan to transform the social and living conditions of the population of villages, settlements, etrap cities and etrap centers. The life of the villagers from year to year is becoming more and more equipped, their material well-being is growing. In terms of the level and quality of life, the village is getting closer to the city.

In general, this makes it possible to successfully solve the problems of ensuring food abundance in the country, opens up great prospects for the further dynamic development of agriculture, where the experience accumulated over the centuries is successfully combined with advanced technologies of agricultural crops cultivation and the achievements of modern science.

This experience is in demand both at the regional level and globally. A clear confirmation of this is the fact that Turkmenistan was elected to the Executive Council of the World Food Program for the period 2020-2022, which is an eloquent proof of the effectiveness of the agrarian policy pursued by the leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

In commemoration of today's event, at the edge of the wheat fields - in the venues of the celebrations on the occasion of the beginning of the mowing - exhibitions have been organized, where agricultural products, bakery products, and modern agricultural machinery are presented. Performances of singers, dance and folklore groups of the velayats also took place here.