"Onlaýn taksi" - a new taxi service in Ashgabat
02 February
"Onlaýn taksi" - a new taxi service in Ashgabat

A new mobile application "Onlaýn taksi" has been launched in Ashgabat to call a taxi. 

The service was launched by the open joint-stock company Awtomobil ulag hyzmaty.

Using a simple and intuitive application, you can make a quick taxi order.

You can download "Onlaýn taksi" on Google Play .

When placing an order, you must enter the exact address. Using GPS, the program will determine the location of the phone and provide the driver with information about the exact location of the customer.

The customer learns about the arrival of the car through a sound SMS notification. Upon arrival at the destination, the passenger will receive another SMS informing them of the cost of the taxi service.

The application will display the history of all trips. The "favorites" function is designed to save the addresses where people travel most often.

You can currently pay for the fare in cash and with a bank card through the driver's terminal, online payments will be introduced in the near future.