The President of Turkmenistan congratulated compatriots on Oraza Bayramy
03 May
The President of Turkmenistan congratulated compatriots on Oraza Bayramy

A holy holiday for all Muslims, Oraza Bayramy, was widely celebrated in Turkmenistan on May 2. Esteemed President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov wholeheartedly congratulated the Turkmen people on the holiday, which absorbed the ideals of humanism and good morals.

The address of the head of state speaks about the importance of Oraza Bayramy in the life of the Turkmen people. As emphasized in the message, Oraza Bayramy occupies a special place in the national calendar as a holiday that contributes to the strengthening of our unity.

“The Turkmen people, believing in Almighty Allah, being committed to the high principle of good morality, friendship and brotherhood, deeply revere the month of Oraza as a time of bodily and spiritual purification and the blessed Gadyr gijesi – the Night of Mercy and Virtue. As at all times, following spiritual traditions, fasting was observed during the holy month of Oraza, and prayers were also performed at the “Hezreti Omar” mosque in the capital, the Gurbanguly Haji mosque in the Mary velayat and in the head mosques of the Balkan, Dashoguz and Lebap velayats. Following the canons of the Holy Quran sent down by the Great Allah, Juma and Tarawa prayers were performed, ayat tovirs and prayers were read for the well-being and prosperity of the Fatherland, increasing its authority in the world. Guided by the noble principles that unite and unite generations – to commemorate the dead with kindness, to observe funeral rites, we honor the blessed memory of great personalities who made a worthy contribution to the development of their native Fatherland, strengthening the foundations, strengthening the foundations of a peaceful and prosperous life”, the head of state said in his message.

According to the esteemed President, these events increase the unity of the Turkmen people, who selflessly work for the prosperity of the Motherland, and also educate the younger generation in the spirit of humanism and patriotism, inspiring them to new achievements and accomplishments.

At the end of the message, expressing the hope that the Almighty will accept the rites performed in the holy month of Oraza, the given sadaka-agzachary and the prayers read ayat-tovir in memeory of the departed, prayers and wishes for the well-being of an independent neutral Fatherland, a happy and peaceful life for all mankind, The esteemed President of Turkmenistan wished his compatriots good health, longevity, happiness and family well-being!

Oraza Bayramy completes the holy month of Ramadan (Oraza) for all Muslims, during which believers has been celebrated as a national holiday in Turkmenistan since 1998.