The agency "Turkmenawtoulaglary" transports passengers on 607 routes 
09 February
The agency "Turkmenawtoulaglary" transports passengers on 607 routes 

The agency "Turkmenawtolaglary" carries out passenger transportation on 607 routes throughout the country, of which 168 are urban, 336 suburban and 103 intercity routes. 

Since the beginning of 2021, the agency has opened 26 new bus routes and 22 bus routes have been modified and improved. Passenger transportation is carried out on new, modern and equipped with modern technology buses.

The country's transport and communication complex is constantly being improved and the pace of development in this area is constantly increasing. In January, the entire transport and communications industry achieved a growth rate of 119.7 percent. In the first month of this year, the agency "Turkmenautaulaglary" completed the work plan by 129.4 percent.