Dear passengers!
04 September
Dear passengers!

The Ashgabat passenger motor transport enterprise of the “Turkmenavtouulaglary” Agency, in order to properly meet the needs of the population in road transportation and achieve high quality and culture of the provided road transport services, from August 8, 2021, offers to your attention bus No. 160 on the new route “Arzuv - Chandybil Bazar”.

  • Bus No. 160 on the route “Arzuv - Chandybil Bazar” departs from the destination “Arzuv”, crosses B. Annanov street - H.A. Yasavi street - N. Andalib street - 10 yyl Abadanchylyk street, bypasses Chandybil Bazar and goes back from Chandybil Bazaar on the route 10 yyl Abadanchylyk street - N. Andalib street - H.A. Yasavi street - B. Annanov street and returns to the destination “Arzuv”.


Contact phones: 44-33-90, 44-33-91